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Where Virtual Twins Are Revolutionizing Health and Wellness

Enabling personalized, predictive, and proactive health management. 

TwinMe virtual twin is revolutionizing health and wellness

Join TwinMe's Second Pilot Phase 

Embark on Your Virtual Twin Adventure:
Ignite a Health and Wellness Revolution Today

Get an exclusive first-hand experience of our pioneering approach to personalized healthcare. Early adopters and pioneers are invited to build their Virtual Twin, unlock a complete Biological Score, and link third-party biometrics. We're offering a complimentary Starter Kit to fuel your journey. Your feedback could be instrumental in shaping the future of healthcare. 

TwinMe Portal can we accessed via and is where you build your virtual twin.

4 Easy Steps to build your
Virtual Twin on the TwinMe Portal


Step 1 - Create an account on the TwinMe Portal 

Step 2 - Complete your Profile by completing the Initial Questionnaire 

Step 3 - Order a Free Sample Kit 

Step 4 - Complete your sample and return them to BioTwin

Get Started Now! 

Your Virtual Twin journey is just a click away. Join us today and shape the future of health and wellness—one digital twin at a time. 

USA Services

Great news! TwinMe's innovative Virtual Twin technology is available in the United States. We're excited to bring you on board our health and wellness revolution, and as a part of our pilot phase, we're offering free sample kits. 

Simply build your Virtual Twin on the TwinMe Portal and order your free sample kit.  

TwinMe is available in the USA, which means American can build their virtual twin using TwinMe.

We're Here to Hear You: Ask a Question or Provide Feedback 

At TwinMe, we value your insights, thoughts, and questions. We're committed to fostering a community that promotes dialogue and open exchange of ideas. Your feedback fuels our continuous improvement and inspires our innovations. 


If you have any questions that weren't addressed in our FAQ or if you'd like to share your thoughts or feedback with us, we encourage you to get in touch. Reach out to us at


Our team is ready and eager to hear from you! Your voice helps us shape the future of health and wellness—one digital twin at a time. 

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